When Are Cheap Flights Released?

I work for www.theseoconsultantlondon.co.uk and as a result am interested in anything related to travel. For those people who travel by air and would like to save money the topic of cheap flights is always something in which they are intimately interested. There are several different times and days of the week when the airlines will release their cheap flights and for those people who are aware of this information the financial savings can be huge. As such, there are two rules that trump all others for individuals who are trying to determine when to buy cheap plane tickets should know.

Rule Number 1: Tuesday Afternoons Are When The Cheapest Flights Are Released

If you are going to travel anywhere by plane and you want to find the lowest price available you should be on your computer at approximately 2:00 PM browsing the different airline websites and have several different windows open on your computer. However, you do not buy your plane ticket before three o’clock in the afternoon on the Tuesday but the moment your watch alarm, your cell phone alarm and your office clock strike the magic number of 3:00 PM you should be comparing the prices of the different airlines and choosing the airline that provides you the lowest price that best fits your destination needs.

Airlines usually will release cheap flights for flights on the Tuesday afternoon for the weekend flights that still have available seats. Airlines absolutely despise flying anywhere with empty seats and as such they attempt to resolve the problem by offering their lowest prices on the Tuesday before a weekend flight so they can be able to maintain their flight schedule without having to consider combining flights or create flight changes to ensure they have as few empty seats as possible. For the savvy plane traveler this means that you can save a significant sum of money if you or your travel agent buy your plane ticket on the Tuesday afternoon.

Rule Number 2: The Second Best Option For Finding A Cheap Flight Is To Look In The Early Morning Hours

If you want to buy a cheap plane flight and you don’t think you will be able to buy your ticket on a Tuesday afternoon for your upcoming weekend getaway than you need to be awake between the hours of 3:00 am and 6:00 am to find some of the other cheap flights that are released by airlines. The airline ticketing system is automated and research has shown that between these early morning hours the airlines will usually start releasing cheap plane tickets.

A common saying among parents is the “early bird gets the worm” and this is definitely the situation when this issue is cheap plane flights. If you are willing to wake up early its a strong possibility that you will be rewarded with a cheap flight to your preferred destination. While it may be a challenge for you to wake up during these very early morning hours you will smile when you calculate how much money you saved on the cost of your plane ticket as compared to what you would have paid if you bought your ticket between the hours of 9: am and 5:00 PM during most days with the exclusion of Tuesday.

Always look for the release of cheap plane flights on Tuesday afternoons or in the early morning hours of the day because this is when the lowest priced flight are usually available. The money you save through the purchase of your plane ticket will make your business or holiday trip all the more enjoyable.