The Electronic Cigarette Buyers Guide

When it comes to finding the best fitting electronic cigarette for an individual, a whole range of factors need to be considered. Aspects such as battery life, vapour volume, use of ease, design and the range and quality of flavours need to be taken into account and it is important to recognise that the best fitting product for one individual is not necessarily the same for another.

What’s The Best For A Beginner?

A highly recommended starting point for those looking for a medium sized e-cig that is a solid performer is Volcano’s Inferno.

The quality of this product really does shine through and one of its biggest strengths is the tube tank that can hold up to a quarter of a bottle of e-liquid or cbd vaping oils.

Volcano are a highly reputable brand and pleasingly listen to their customers rather than throwing any old product out on the market. The Lavatube 2.5 – their first variable wattage release, reflects this. The users of this product are able to change the power setting option with a range that goes from three to fifteen watts. There are two modes that the Lavatube can be run in which are the Average Voltage Mode and vRMS and two variable voltage settings have been provided with the choice of three or six watts.

Who Are Volcano?

Volcano were founded in America some five years ago, but have recently launched a UK website that ships worldwide and another e-cig company that are now focusing on this country after a period where they were exclusive to the United States is Green Smoke.

The company’s Pro Kit reflects the quality of the company and the terrific authenticity of the flavours that they manufacturer. Meanwhile for those seeking a brand that is closer to home, the Intellicig XL gives a really strong volume of vapour and enables the production of some really good clouds.

So we have four very different products and now let us consider some of the above mentioned aspects that need to be taken into account when deciding whether they are the one that is the best fit, starting with ease of use.

The Lavatube 2.5 has some great technical advancement, but the difference between the two modes can be more than a little confusing – a downloadable PDF manual provides the explanations and instructions on how to switch between the two, but this product is perhaps not the best for beginners.

On the subject of complications, the initial set-up with the Intellicig XL can be slightly complex for those who are not used to that style of e-cig but only at first. Part of the problem is that not every e-cig in the box does not have an atomiser fitted!

Practice makes perfect as is the case with filling up the Inferno’s Tube Tank – however in the case of the Intellicig XL it would have been a nice touch if there was a compatible clearomiser or tank with had the atomiser already built in.

The Lavatube by Volcano is a popular choice for heavy vaping.

To consider the capacity of the batteries that are supplied with the product, the Intellicig comes with two 650mAH batteries while Green Smoke’s Pro Kit features two lithium ion batteries – one short and one long.

Volcano however really shine in this aspect – the Lavatube comes equipped with a 2000mAH rechargeable LiMN battery while the Inferno’s starter kit features both a 900mAH and a 650mAH one. Not only that but the pass-through nature means vaping can continue while the batteries are charged!

Although not the most important aspect to all vapers, design is still key for several. The batteries for the Inferno come in a choice of five colours and the presentation box is sturdy and uses foam cushioning to ensure the contents are kept in place.

The polished body of the Lavatube makes it appealing aesthetically, while the Intellicig XL is presented in a slick and sturdy black box with a magnetic flap closure

The most stylish range is provided by Green Smoke who supply a designer range of batteries – although you wonder if this is perhaps a little over the top, the deluxe carry case that their Pro Kit is presented in is outstanding.

Choosing The Right Strength & Flavour Of E-Liquid Is Essential

Finally let us consider the range of flavours of e-liquid for the four products that we have featured (a similar array of strengths are available for all). Volcano’s flavours are inspired by the volcanic island of Hawaii and hence are manufactured there and Green Smoke is also American based.

In contrast, the e-liquids for the Intellicig XL are made in this country and tested at a laboratory in Manchester. This is seen as a strong selling point for many, although this really is a matter of personal preference. It is a slight shame that there are only three flavours produced by Intellicig which are Rich, Regular and Menthol as this seems something of a limited choice compared to the huge range Volcano and Green Smoke have on offer. In fact the latter go one step further to inspire the user to try their full range by providing a variety pack in their Pro Kit!

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