Sell Your Home Quickly with Home Staging

Discover Real Estate Agents’ Secret Weapon for a Quick Home Sale!

Home staging is one method real estate experts agree will most help you sell your home quickly. Find out what it is and how to use it.

Home staging is a proven method for preparing your home for sale, and it’s particularly effective when you need to sell your home quickly. A study of 2,772 properties by Joy Valentine of revealed that staged homes clear off the market twice as fast as non-staged ones… and can fetch up to four times the price!

While the results of home staging are somewhat magical, fortunately for home sellers, the process is not. Former president of Property Result Newcastle defines home staging as anything you can do to make your home seem cozier and more livable–in short, anything that helps home buyers picture themselves living there – read more here.

“Having a house that has a lot of curb appeal–from the outside and from the inside–is going to help you get top dollar when you go to sell,” Temes said in a recent CBC interview.

What creates curb appeal from one home to the next can vary widely depending on its location, type of building, or neighbourhood. But home staging is based on some universal selling principles that can be applied across the board. Create curb appeal in your home with these staging principles…

Home Staging Principle #1: Think of your house as a product
Once you’ve made the decision to sell, you need to make the mental shift from homeowner to home seller. Your home is the product. Thinking of your house as a product, not your home-sweet-home, allows you to think objectively about your home’s features. Home staging highlights the best and downplays the worst. Keeping drapes open to highlight great views, for example, or creating an attractive alternative focal point to detract from poor ones are key examples of using staging to flatter and sell your home quickly.

Home Staging Principle #2: Furnish an empty house to make buyers feel at home
If you’ve already left the nest or are selling off a vacant investment property, furnishings and accessories are critical to creating a warm and welcoming feeling. Most buyers need a little help visualizing how an empty space can be filled. Staging an empty house with rented furniture and accessories does just that — and helps create a cozy feeling they can connect with emotionally.

Just how important is creating an emotional bond with potential buyers? About 95% of purchasing decisions happen in our subconscious. A carnivorous empty space doesn’t exactly create a warm fuzzy feeling.

Need more proof? According to the Real Estate Staging Association (RESA), once vacant homes sold 85% faster than their non-staged counterparts.

Home Staging Principle #3: Engage your buyers’ senses
Effective home staging aims to appeal to ALL senses: from inviting furniture layouts to the smell of freshly baked cookies during an open house to the sound of soft music played during a viewing. These home staging tricks of the trade are all designed to engage your buyers’ senses.

Home Staging Principle #4: Appeal to a broad range of buyers
Most of the time, this means keeping your home furnishing and finishes neutral. Not everyone is going to share a penchant for purple paint or your New-in-Box Transformers collection. Selling your home is a numbers game. The more people your house appeals to, the more quickly it will sell.

Because a staged home has been proven to sell faster for significantly more money, home staging professionals are cropping up all over the world. There are a number of advantages to hiring a professional to stage your home for you, not least of which is speed. According to John Carter, co-founder of Dekora Home Staging, an entire house can be transformed in just two to four days.

The cost of staging your home varies greatly, ranging from just a few hundred dollars up to about 2%-3% of your home’s list price. The great news is you can expect a 350% return on your home staging investment when you sell your home.

But what if you’re completely strapped for cash? If you can, pay for a consultation with a professional and then do whatever you can yourself. Or check out five budget fixes you can do yourself to stage and sell your house fast.

No matter how it’s accomplished, staging your home for a sale is a must if you want to sell your home quickly and maximize your greatest investment.