Restylane Injections – Should You?

Restylane injections are the world best selling dermal filler. Even people blessed with beautiful and flawless skin cannot escape from the effects of passing time and aging. To maintain our youthful skin, look better and feel good about ourselves, there are many cosmetic procedures and anti aging products such as Restylane injections, Botox treatments, Juvederm, Thermage, Radiesse etc available on the market. These non-surgical, non-invasive anti aging and wrinkle removal treatments are more popular because they are cheaper and safer compared to going under the knife for skin rejuvenation.

Restylane injections are injectable dermal fillers that are used for anti aging treatments by eliminating wrinkles and lines on our skin. Restylane injections are frequently used to enhance lip augmentation and facial contouring such as smoothening wrinkles around the eyebrow, forehead and mouth areas. The main active ingredient used in Restylane injections is hyaluronic acid, a natural substance that is produced by the human body. Hyaluronic acid helps attract moisture to provide fullness and elasticity for our skin but as we grow older, the human body produces lesser hyaluronic acid and wrinkles and lines on our skin start to show up. Restylane has been used and well tested for over a decade and has helped millions of people worldwide to get back naturally looking skin that look smooth and full by preventing wrinkles from showing up. Restylane Perlane is another dermal filler that contains larger hyaluronic acid particles is meant for injecting deeper into the skin for more stable and long lasting effects. For example, when Perlane is used as lip injections, you can get fuller, plump lips. Comparatively, Glytone glycolic acids skin care products can be used together post Restylane injections since these help to exfoliate dead skin cells from the skin surface.

The Restylane hyaluronic acid gel is injected under our skin with a very fine syringe in areas that require augmentation, such as the lips. The results from these non-surgical Restylane injections are instant and naturally looking. They are gentle and well tolerated by our skin. A topical numbing cream is usually applied to the areas that require Restylane injections although the pain involved is very minimal. In fact, many regular Restylane patients do not require the local anesthetic at all. You can get Restylane injections performed in under 30 minutes and their face lifting effects are long-lasting, typically between 4 to 9 months. This is an advantage of Restylane injections over collagen injections that last only half the time. Restylane injections are particularly effective in smoothening nasolabial folds which are lines near our mouths and can really make us look younger. The actual cost of a Restylane treatment will depend on the number of Restylane injections you need and the average is around $300 and $600.

Before getting any Restylane injections, it is recommended to avoid consuming vitamin E, aspirin, and other Ibuprofen based medicine etc which may complicate the possibility of bleeding or bruising around the skin areas where the Restylane filler is used. Typical temporary side effects experienced after Restylane injections include the usual redness, swelling, tingling, etc which will subside within a few days. These are natural reactions from your body to foreign substances but since the Restylane hyaluronic acid gel is naturally found within our skin, it is well tolerated and does not cause any serious reactions unlike some other cosmetic anti wrinkles and skin tightening procedures. Otherwise, you will be able to carry on with normal activities and even work if you do not experience any bruising.

Although you can find hundreds of aesthetic beauty clinics and cosmetic spas like Sheridan France – Non Surgical Beauty Treatments that provide Restylane injections, the aesthetic beauticians that are attending to you may have varying levels of skill and experience. It will be prudent to research online on the experience and feedback of consumers that have sought Restylane injections and treatments from these aesthetic clinics. For goodness sake, it is our face that we are putting at risk here, and if Restylane injections are not administered by professionally trained doctors, do you really have faith in the part time student working at a cheap Restylane clinic?