Looking at Flooring Trends for Your Kitchen Extension

Selecting Natural Materials for Flooring

There are more choices available today when it comes to kitchen flooring than ever; check out all of these latest trends.

Since the kitchen receives the most traffic in your home, choosing the right kind of kitchen flooring really matters for your kitchen design. Kitchen flooring must be able to meet the needs of the family and this means it needs to be durable, attractive, and easy to care for.

Hardwood and Stone

Some of the really popular kitchens flooring choices are the natural materials. These include hardwoods and stone. Stone includes materials like limestone, slate and other natural materials, These materials tend to be the choice in more upscale homes, while they tend to be more expensive you could go with laminate flooring that can look like wood or stone at a lower price.

The laminate flooring is easy to maintain and explains why wood laminate flooring is a popular choice for kitchen floors. Some brands of wood laminate can even resemble the look of reclaimed wood that is all part of a huge trend currently.

Due to the advances made in wood floor finishes, wood continues to be a popular choice for kitchen flooring. For new construction or remodeling, unfinished oak or strip hardwood flooring remains popular. This flooring material is also known as engineered or prefinished oak. It is either nailed or glued down.

More Exotic Flooring Materials

Lately a trend in flooring materials has been developing in the direction of the more exotic and darker woods, such as cherry, mahogany, Brazilian walnut, Bubinga from Africa, and Mexican Purpleheart. Unlike the familiar hardwoods, these exotic woods are known for their unique color and graining. These woods are becoming popular for their superior hardness and density.

Marble or Porcelain Flooring

Most homeowners are likely to select either marble or porcelain in the large 24 inch-by-24-inch tiles that they can lay close together to be able make the grout lines disappear. There are also selecting marbles like travertine. This type of marble is available in light beige, creamy milk tones.

They can also provide a buffed more refined finish rather than polished and produce a cleaner look. Travertine is also available in a large variety of neutral colors, patterns, and veining. If the kitchen is situated in the house so that it opens onto the dining rooms and family it is possible to produce a feeling of a large open room.

The larger porcelain tiles have the same advantages as travertine and they are also available in polished finishes as well. These tiles can also be laid extremely close together, minimizing grout lines. Also because the color goes deeper if it ever chips it will not be noticed as much as with other kinds of tiles.

Because ceramic is cool and easy to maintain these tiles continue to be a popular choice particularly in warmer areas of the country.

Other Flooring Materials

Many companies today like Touchstone Extensions who are starting to see cork used for kitchen floors due to the soft, resilient nature of this material. It is also good for reducing noise.

For those that want to create a more industrial look for the kitchen, then they might want to consider concrete. Many people tend to feel that concrete is a rather cold and unattractive type of flooring, however using color concrete tiles can create a whole new look that many would find very appealing. These concrete tiles are also available in a large variety of colors and sizes. Concrete also has the advantage of being easy to maintain and it can be stained.

Because kitchens see so much traffic, it is important to select the right kitchen flooring: durable, attractive, and easy to care for.