Green Bedroom Paint Ideas

Green bedroom paint can take on any number of themes, most of them being of the natural, calming descent. Green bedroom paint allows for easy decorating and a nice place to kick up your feet at the end of the day. Here are a couple of different takes that you can tackle with green wall paint.

Soft soothing green bedroom paint.
Soft soothing shades of green bedroom paint are the easiest tones for decorating. They can easily be played up or down with colored throw pillows, a rug or bedspread. Soothing green bedroom paint makes for a room that is easy to relax in and easy on the senses overall.

Deep forest green bedroom paint.
Deeper shades of green bedroom paint can turn out beautifully but are not for the faint of heart. Swiping on that first dark paintbrush of dark green bedroom paint can be a bit intimidating, but if you follow through on your painting project you will likely be very satisfied with your project upon completion.

More distinct bedroom paint colors like this dramatic shade are a bit harder to decorate around but also speak quite well by themselves in terms of style and design. This is definitely one of the best colors to paint a bedroom if you are going for a very natural, masculine look.

Calming grayed-out green bedroom paint.
Some of the calmest shades of green bedroom paint are those that are not all that green at all. My favorite shades of the green bedroom paint ideas are the ones that are the most subdued; the ones that are very grayed out. These shades lend themselves to bedroom paint ideas that provide some of the more relaxing bedroom paint styles, almost like a camouflage paint colour effect.

Go for lime or light, bright, playful shades of green bedroom paint.
We actually have our office painted a sort of a grayed out lime green, if that makes any sense, and we love it. It’s playful yet mature and it looks great in the setting sun at the end of the day. The brighter of the lime green bedroom paint ideas can be a bit wild (kids would probably love them!) but the calmer versions are really quite visually appealing.

Whatever shade of green bedroom paint you end up choosing, you’ll likely end up enjoying the sense of natural calm that it seems to lend a bedroom. As always, remember to use a paint sample to make sure that you like your bedroom paint color before you’ve covered the entire room in it!