France – A Dream Retirement Location

Tourists the world over have long known that France is a fun place to visit, making this Western European Republic one of the most visited destinations anywhere. However, what many fail to realize is that France is a pretty good place to live too. The first thing that enters many people’s mind when France is mentioned is Paris, the Eiffel Tower. The truth is that there are many more cities in France than just Paris, more sites to see than just the Eiffel Tower. France, like many other countries, offers many things to do and see.

Introducing the French People

The people of France can be as friendly and inviting as any you will confront in the world. The French people are quiet for the most part, and they are proud of their heritage as well. The locals in the smaller cities may not speak very much English, but those living in the larger cities are more likely to speak more. When traveling in France it would be nice if you can speak a few words in French, just the basics to help you get by. You will find that the French are eager to assist you in your visit, or if you are looking to buy property as well.

Why Visit France?

France has a population of some 64 million people. France offers fun beachfronts on the Mediterranean, the North Sea, the English Channel, and the Atlantic Ocean. The visitor to France can enjoy the Limestone Cliffs found in Normandy, party with the Jet Set in the Mediterranean city of Nice, savor the Vineyards of Burgundy, or the Alps in Savole. France offers so many sites to see including the Eiffel Tower, the Palace of Versailles, Mont Saint-Michel, and of course the Louvre Museum. The French Riviera is quite alluring as well.

Why Live in France?

France has long been suggested to be a comfortable location in the world to live. It is easy to be allured to the restored farmhouses that fill the countryside, or the Royal Chateaux that transform our thoughts to days gone by. However, France has even more to offer as a prospective place to live. This country is well known for providing a World Class Health Care System. In addition, the economy is fairly strong. The cost of living is quite hospitable and the cultural elements are nice too. France offers good quality of life and some tasty cuisine as well. France has a lot to offer to those who seek property in any of its famous regions. Whether you are looking at France as a vacation spot, or a place you would consider calling home, it is fair to say that you will find the locals ready and willing to make your experience memorable. The fact remains clear, France is more than a fun place to visit; it is a nice place to live as well.