Colour Schemes – Not As Simple As They Look!

Many times people want to decorate their homes themselves, once the builders have left, says Graham North, who works at This makes sense for many reasons, one being they will feel more comfortable when at home, because the decor is comprised of their own personal taste. Being comfortable at home is one of the most important things to consider when decorating a house. There are ways to add a touch of professionalism to a home without having to break the bank. A big one is to simply get some input from a professional designer or artists about colour schemes.

The colour scheme of a home can totally change the feeling the home gives off when you enter and walk around. You can make a room seem bigger or smaller based on the colour and can even change the flow of the room. Having a well thought out colour scheme doesn’t mean you have to give up your own personal style or taste. Most people so not have a lot of experience distinguishing between two colours that are very similar, but someone who works with colour a great deal can. This ability seems very unimportant, but in actuality is great asset that even homeowner should take advantage of. Subtle differences in colour can take a boring static room and give it the special something that makes it unique and dynamic even to the untrained eye.

Unless you are a professional designer, or some sort or a professional artist you do not have this ability to make a room come alive with just the colours. Most people will swear up and down that they can tell the difference between two colours that are close together. When these claims have been out to the test in double blind scientific study all non-professional participants did no better than if they were taking wild guesses. It is hard to admit that you are not capable of the simple task of picking out colours for your house. The important think to remember is picking out colours is not an easy or simple thing to do, if it was everyone in the world would be a famous artist. You don’t have to have your home professionally decorated or even professionally painted, but when picking a colour scheme make sure to get some professional input.