British Virgin Islands – A Peaceful Vacation Getaway

There’s the US Virgin Islands and there’s the British Virgin Islands. In comparison, the British Virgin Islands are less hectic and less crowded. One can observe that the Americans have turned their islands into a blooming panorama for traveler’s games and fun, but that means more crowds, more people, more stress…while the British islands have stressed preserving their island’s sound ecosystem. However, this means that amenities can be a bit more expensive and in turn, attracts less tourists…but that also means less noise, less crowds, and a more pleasurable experience. It may be that the best way to enjoy the British Virgin Islands is with luxury yacht charter holidays.

You can imagine how perfect it would be to drop your own anchor on one of its deserted island and spend the day exploring its untouched wonders and beauty…on shore or underwater. For those who can afford it, the British Virgin Islands is a place full of amazing possibility that’s just waiting to be discovered

The Virgin Islands were first established by the Arawak from South America around 100 BC, although there is some proof of American existence on the islands as far back as 1500BC. History has it that the Arawaks colonized the islands until the 15th century when they were displaced by the more antagonistic Caribs, a tribe from the islands of the Lesser Antilles, after whom the Caribbean Sea is named.

The very first European to unearth the Virgin Islands was Christopher Columbus in 1493 on his second expedition to America. The Spanish Empire however claims that the islands were discovered in the early 16th century, though they never occupied them. In the succeeding years, the English, French, Dutch, Spanish and Danish all pushed for control over the region, and thus triggered trouble for pirates. Later on, the British Virgin Islands were eventually managed as a component of the British Leewards Islands or the Nevis and St. Kitts, with the British government on the islands as their administrator. The separate colony status was only granted during the 1960s, and then autonomy in 1967. It was also in the 1960s when the British Virgin Islands broke away from their traditional agriculture based industry and ventured to tourism and other financial services. Because of this change, the islands became one of the wealthiest regions in the Caribbean.

Right now, the British Virgin Islands is one of the most visited regions in the Caribbean. With various tourist attractions and fascinating water activities for its guests, it promises as truly exciting and luxurious vacation. Though it seems to be a rather extravagant vacation, you’ll be surprised to know that you can find a very cheap flight that you can book online. You can also look up great travel packages and cheap hotels that could suit your budget perfectly.

It’s the ultimate getaway, so go ahead and leave that stressful life for a few days and enjoy a very relaxing stay at the British Virgin Islands.